Glenn Gaunt

Audition Preperation

Its 4.00PM, you get the call to say you have a casting tomorrow and they send you the script. HELP! What do you do? Follow these helpful tips to ensure that you are on top form for your audition and deliver your best performance. 

1. Look Up The Venue 

Find out where the venue is, work out what time you need to leave so that you are there on time. Make sure you are confident with where you are going, print directions. Feeling comfortable that you know where you are going takes the pressure off. 

2. Prepare

Allow time to prepare, learn the script, work out what you need to be doing for the audition. Make your character choices, but remain flexible as they will probably like to see you do the piece in several ways. Know the character - who are they? Where is the script in relation to the piece? 

3. Get an Early Night 

Hard to do! But try and prepare your outfit the night before and get some rest. You will thank me for it! Try not to drink any alcohol the night before so you are totally compus mentus the next day! 

4. Don't worry! 

The casting director is always on your side, they want YOU to be the person that walks in and gets the job (otherwise they wouldn't have asked you to be there!). Relax and have fun. Its best not to think about or imagine yourself in the job. So don't get distracted between imagining the character, and imagining yourself in the job just be in the present moment. 

5. Plan Something Afterwards 

That agonising wait. You've been in an audition and you head home and wait for the phone to call - excrutiating right? Plan something after your audition so that you have something to take your mind off the audition. Meet a friend for coffee, and try not to talk about the audition. 

I wish you all the luck in your future auditions and hope that you've gleamed some useful information. If you would like more in-depth personal help with your audition technique and preparation get in touch to book an acting coaching session. 

Thank you for the pleasure of your time, 

Glenn x

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