Glenn Gaunt


In a world where you can be anything... be brave. I believe that this statement is a wise one. Since March 2020 we have all made sacrifices, and suffered losses be that of people we love, or jobs, income, businesses. One thing is for certain we have all lost something during this pandemic. What is important is that we acknowledge this, and allow ourselves time to process what we have lost, for many of us that will have been our income, work and our livelihoods. 

I don't know about you, but I started to have this rising fear that the industry would return and I would somehow be forgotten or left behind. A rational fear to have. Now it would be easy to sit here and say here is how you can bounce back from this because lets face it, not all of us learnt new skills or became ultra fit in these lockdowns! 

Here are my tips as to how you can put yourself in a good position as things start to re-open. 

1. Be Kind To Yourself 

Now is not the time to start loading your schedule with all sorts of things to do. Ease yourself into it. Start by having just three things on your to do list each day, and work your way up. We are all coming out of a pretty traumatic few months, so dont be too harsh on yourself for not having learnt Spanish or baking Bannana Bread! 

2. Check Your Business 

You are your own business! Where are you at? is your CV up to date, do you need to get new headshots? Have you got all your self tape equipment ready?  What do you need to do to get yourself in a good position. 

3. Create A Plan 

By creating a plan, you commit yourself to certain tasks, give your self a deadline and stick to it. Plan what you would like to achieve at the start of the week, and break it down into the days and times you have available. 

5. Communicate 

Some people have barely seen anyone for months now, so its important to communicate. Let your agent know where you are living, speak to them and chat about where you want to go post pandemic, now is an ideal time to refresh the direction you are heading in. Also don't feel pressured to go to every coffee you are invited to, after so much alone time, it can be overwhelming, so dont be afraid to say to people ''actually i need a bit of time alone''. 

6. Be Kind To Others 

We are all coming out of this time together, some have felt the impact more than others, so I encourage you to cheer on your peers and colleagues. Cheering on other peoples achievements, will not only help you feel better but will also bring you together with people who cheer each other on. In turn I am sure they will also cheer you on! 

7. Update 

When your ready, refresh your image, your headshots, your material. It will help you get into the frame of mind that this is now a new season rather than trying to recover what was lost by the pandemic. 

8. Tune Back In 

We will have been pretty much out of action for over a year, so get back into it by learning a few scripts,  book a session with an acting coach to retrain that muscle in your brain to help you feel on top of things, and feel confident that you are at the top of your game. 

I hope you have found some insights helpful, and if not I hope that I have encouraged you that things are on the up, and that you have the talent the skills and dedication to prepare yourself to return to the industry with a bounce in your step! 

Thank you for the pleasure of your time, 

Glenn x


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