Glenn Gaunt

The Business Of Acting

You are your own business, and as an actor this has never been a truer saying. Its called 'Show Business' because it is after all a business and you are your own CEO. It takes every actor a while to work out that they are a business and a brand, but once you have mastered this you are on the right track to achieving your goals. 

It can seem overwhelming to position yourself as thinking of yourself as business but I hope to give you the tools you need to make it a success. So buckle down with your business hat on and take a read of these 4 areas to help you. 


Making sure you have the tools to help find work it's important that you have the necessary 'stuff' to get you those auditions. 

1. Headshot 

2. Showreel 

3. CV or Spotlight Subscription

Making sure that you have all of these at a high quality vastly improves your chances of working as an actor. Ensuring your headshots reflect you, and your casting type is an absolute must. 


Think about how you will make a secondary income when you are not acting, do you have a side hustle? But 'Set Up' also means do you have the equipment ready to do a self tape at the drop of a hat? How prepared are you so that you can drop everything and go on a job or a casting? Getting your ducks in a row, so that you are financially secure with a side income, and have the equipment ready will stand you in good stead for when those auditions come rolling in. 


The people you meet in this industry will be with you for life, and you will likely bump into them on many occasions, so building your network of people has never been more important. Try to form a connection with each person you meet. Also having the right people on your side is vital, having the right agent who believes in you and your talent will do wonders for your career as they fight for you to get in to the casting room. 


I'm amazed at the amount of people don't realise they have to fill in a tax return every year, or that its important to keep your expenses logged so you can claim it back. Try and dedicate an afternoon each month just to keep on top of your admin so that it doesn't build up. Id also reccomend keeping a log of all the auditions you attend, the casting directors you meet so that you can easily reference it when you are next meeting with them. 

If you would like help with the business side of acting, getting your CV in order or general advice on how to get an agent then do get in touch to book a private one to one session. 

Thank you for the pleasure of your time. 

Glenn x