Glenn Gaunt


Glenn is an experienced workshop leader, having taught workshops across the world in various subjects such as Audition Technique, Shakespeare, Stanislavski, Project Management and Directing. To see what workshops are currently open please see below. 


THURSDAY 12th AUGUST. 10.00AM - 17.00PM 

£35.00 Per Person 

Stanislavski himeself said ''Create your own method. Don't depend slavishly on mine.'' During this one day workshop we will look at the core aspects and techniques Stanislavski used, as well as looking at how we can incorporate them into our own work. 

The workshop will include looking in detail at: 

WHO is Stanislavski? 

WHAT were his methods? 

WHERE where to apply his techniques? 

HOW you can achieve results using the very basic principles of this astonishing practitioner. 

Places are limited, and will be on a first come first served basis. 



THURSDAY 9th September. 10.00AM - 17.00PM

£35.00 Per Person


Shakespeare? Seems scary right? You think its just YeOldee Language? 

Join me on this one day workshop looking at who Shakespeare was, and how his work affects us today. We will look through some of his work and look at some basic principles to get our heads around it. 

You will come away from this workshop feeling confident in being able to not only read Shakespeare but have the confidence to perform his works with ease. 

This course is designed for those looking to prepare a classical text for auditions or to engage with Shakespeare for the first time.